Леди ничего не боятся. О том как Ангелина Николау покорила не только вершины, но и сердца

Фотографии охотницы за адреналином Ангелина Николау разлетелись по всему миру. Русская красавица занимается руфингом, то есть девушка с друзьями забирается на крыши различных зданий, в том числе небоскребов и других высоких сооружений, и фотографируется. Что собственно и сделало девушку звездой Интернета.






Некоторые некоторые лейблы составляют контракты с популярными руферами, чаще всего это производители одежды, обуви, аксессуаров.









Pic shows: Angelina Nikolau; An astonishing set of snaps of a thrill-seeker's sky-high catwalk show on the edge of some of the world's tallest buildings has turned her into a social media sensation. Daredevil Angelina Nikolau, 23, from Russia, has spent weeks travelling around China and Hong Kong posing for jaw-dropping skyscraper selfies hundreds of feet above the ground. Her vertigo inducing results - uploaded to Instagram - have made her an instant star on the internet. Angelina is described by Russian media as "self-taught photographer, adventurer and roofer from Moscow." Roofing - also known as rooftopping - is where people get as close as possible to the edge of a skyscraper's highest point to take selfies. Angelina's dizzying combination of catwalk poses and looks and sheer nerve have won her an army of fans. One snap her relaxing in shorts and a top as she sunbathes just inches away from a sheer drop to the ground is captioned: "Enjoy every moment." On another - as she stands on another rooftop ledge in a billowing dress revealing bikini pants - she says: "My life will never be the same again." Others on the account show her dancing on top of a building overlooking the Kremlim in her home town Moscow. Another shows her posing in front of a night time cityscape as she stands precariously balanced on a guard rail. Her antics have earned her a spread in one of Russia's most popular online fashion magazines Fashiony and an army of amazed fans. One Russian social media user identified as nataliamnagles said: "I seriously don't get how this girl does this." But another - just_joslyn - added: "Please stop doing this you're influencing others and you might get hurt. You're too young and pretty. It's not worth your life." One called annemariesalen said: "Look at this girl's Insta it freaks me out."


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